Everything to sell more efficiently

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Connect sales channels

Connect all your sales channels (webshops or marketplaces) to  ChannelDock. 

  • 1 centralized dashboard
  • Connected within one minute
  • No setup costs

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Synchronize inventory levels

ChannelDock synchronises your inventory levels to all your sales channels.

  • Update your inventory from 1 dashboard
  • Easy stock management

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Product bundles

Create product bundles in ChannelDock. ChannelDock calculates the stock level of the bundle based on the stock level of the linked products.

  • Link products together
  • Dynamic stock levels

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Order synchronization

All orders from your webshop (s) and marketplaces in 1 place.

  • Regain overview
  • Efficient fulfillment

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Order processing (bulk)

Process your orders (per shipment method) in bulk.

  • Process your orders 40% faster
  • Avoid errors during processing

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Bulk update inventory levels

Save time and update your stock level in bulk.

  • Export & import with Excel

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Create shipment labels

Connect your own courier service and create shipping labels for every type of order.

  • Synchronize track & trace back to your sales channels
  • Bulk export shipment labels
  • Bulk export packaging slips