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PIM - WMS - Fulfillment

The all-in-one solution for your e-commerce needs. Seamlessly cover the entire e-commerce cycle, from listing products, managing inventory to order fulfillment, with just one solution.

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Your growth partner in multichannel selling 

Scale up to multiple sales channels and link them easily in ChannelDock. Synchronize stock levels, manage your inventory and process all your orders from one dashboard.

  • 150+ Sales channel links (including Amazon)
  • Links to widely used transportation services
  • Create unique product bundles
  • All-in-one order and inventory management dashboard

Manage and synchronize stock

Manage the entire logistics aspect of your e-commerce business in ChannelDock. Manage your warehouse, create inbound and outbound shipments, get inventory advice from ChannelDock: Purchase advice, LvB and FBA restocking advice and warehouse advice.

  • Synchronize inventory levels across all your sales channels
  • Manage your inventory from multiple inventory locations
  • Overview of all inbound and outbound shipments
  • Real-time visibility into inventory levels
  • Stock Advise: Purchasing, Warehouse and LvB & FBA advice
ecommerce stock management software
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Order processing

Process all your orders quickly and easily with ChannelDock. Process orders using a scanner in conjunction with ChannelDock's mobile app on the pick & pack page. Enable yourself or your employees to process orders quickly.

  • Pick & Pack orders with a scanner
  • Generate shipping labels in bulk
  • Process orders in badges or based on filters
  • Mobile app with scanning features for pickers
  • Employee accounts
  • Printnode support
It's simple:

Take your e-commerce business to new heights

Take the step to better inventory and order management with ChannelDock today. Start our free trial right away and experience the benefits for yourself!  Want to know more first? Then book a demo and we will show you on a call how ChannelDock can help your business.

Return processing

Scan the return label and see in the mobile app which products were returned and what the return reason was. Handle returns quickly and efficiently.

  • Scan package's return label to open return.
  • Returns are automatically imported
  • Easily create new returns
  • Handle returns in the dashboard
Ecommerce Returns Management software
ChannelDock API and integrations

Flexibility and API integration

Our user-friendly API is key to a customized experience, allowing you to fully leverage ChannelDock's functionalities to optimize your business operations. This flexibility goes hand in hand with our versatile order processing methods, suitable for both large and small businesses, allowing you to optimize your business operations efficiently and on demand.

  • Link to other systems via our API
  • Zapier integration

Fulfillment center network

If you don't have your own warehouse and are looking for a Fulfilment Center that seamlessly integrates with ChannelDock for managing your inventory and orders, consider connecting with a Fulfilment Center from our network and collaborate effortlessly through the ChannelDock dashboard.

  • Manage the entire collaboration in the dashboard
  • Delegate the processing of your orders
  • Delegate the processing of your returns
  • Real-time overview of stock levels
  • Manage inbound and outbound shipments
  • Communicate via chat in the dashboard
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Definitely recommended!

"The system ensures that you won't miss any more orders. Very suitable when you have multiple sales channels, you have everything in one place and the names of the products can be mentioned on the shipping label, which prevents many mistakes and saves you time.

I would also like to mention that the help you get from the people behind the software is good! They help you when you can't figure it out. SUPER"

Levi - 123beard

Nov 9, 2022 - via Email

Clear overview of all orders and stock.

"JC Professional is a very satisfied user of ChannelDock! ChannelDock allows us to bundle our sales channels centrally, giving us, as an organization, a good overview of all orders and current stock. Managing this stock is easy and gives us a timely 'signal' based on the sales forecast to replenish in time. The collaboration with ChannelDock goes very well! They are open to feedback and implement improvements quickly, making the platform even more pleasant to work with."

Roger - JCprof

May 19, 2022 - via Email

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