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Stock level synchronization

It's hard to keep track of stock levels when you're selling on multiple sales channels. You might be manually updating stock levels on each sales channel, but this can lead to mistakes and out-of-stock situations.

ChannelDock automates the synchronization of stock levels between your sales channels. This prevents stock errors and ensures that your customers always have access to the products they want.

  • Always up to date stock levels
  • Save time and prevent errors
  • Optimize your inventory levels

Manage everything in one dashboard

Juggling between different sales channels can be a huge pain. Not only do you have to keep track of different inventories, but you also have to monitor orders and shipping on separate platforms. It's easy to make mistakes when you're switching back and forth between different tools.

ChannelDock is the solution to your multi-channel woes. With one central dashboard, you can easily keep track of all your orders, shipments and returns in one place. This will save you time and frustration as you manage your e-commerce business.

  • Smart shipping rules for automation
  • Generate shipping labels using own carrier contract
  • Customizable pick & pack process
  • Data insights to reduce shipping costs

Tired of shipping orders yourself?

Not only is it difficult to find a single fulfillment center that can meet all of your shipping needs, but it's also frustrating and time consuming. You could end up paying more for shipping, and your customers may have to wait longer for their orders to arrive.

ChannelDock offers a better way. We offer a network of independent fulfillment centers that can fulfill your orders quickly and at a lower cost than traditional fulfillment centers. Plus, by using our service you'll be able to reduce shipping time and exceed customer expectations by shipping from the nearest fulfillment location.

  • 10+ international fulfillment centers
  • Chat with fulfillment centers
  • Business rules to determine where your orders needs to be fulfilled.
It's simpel:

Multi channel order fulfillment from 1 dashboard. Prevent shipping mistakes and start saving time. 

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Real customer stories

"When I discovered channeldock, a whole new world opened up for my company. Stock management became easy and clear again. Stock alert emails make sure I timely restock my products. I was even able to print the shipping labels. What a great program if you have different stores such as bol, Shopify, Amazon & WooCommerce. I recommend this to everyone if you want to automate your stock and order management. The team is very helpful and quickly replies when supported is needed."

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"JC Professional is a very satisfied user of ChannelDock! ChannelDock offers us the opportunity to centrally bundle our sales channels, whereby we, as an organization, have a good overview of all orders and current stock levels. Actually, this system does more than expected. Working together with ChannelDock is going very well! They are open to feedback and quickly implement suggested improvements, making the platform even more pleasant to work with."

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