Synchronize stock  from multiple web shops & marketplaces

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The right stock level on all your sales channels

Prevent being out of stock and bad reviews by automatically synchronizing your stock levels between your webshop(s) and marketplaces. When retrieving a new order, ChannelDock immediately synchronizes the new stock level to your connected sales channels. This means you always have a correct stock level without having to do anything for it. After the stock synchronization starts, ChannelDock becomes the central point where you adjust your stock levels.

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Connect your webshop(s) and marketplaces

To synchronize your stock, you can easily connect all your sales channels to ChannelDock. We currently support, Amazon, Kaufland, Shopify, WooCommerce and Prestashop. ChannelDock imports your orders and automatically updates your stock on your linked sales channels. Connecting takes less than a minute!