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Numbers of monthly orders

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  • Inventory sync.
  • Bundle products
  • Inbound shipments
  • Export / import
  • Bulk stock correction
  • Inventory log
  • Inventory API

Inventory management

Everything you need to efficiently and flawlessly manage your stock on multiple sales channels at the same time. Set up bundle products whose inventory level is calculated automatically. Track shipments from your supplier at product level and create QR codes that can be scanned with your phone. All your stock mutations are kept in a clear log per product.

  • Order processing
  • Pick & pack page
  • Barcode scanner
  • Shipment rules
  • Create pick lists
  • Warehouse
  • Order API

Order management

Process your orders from different sales channels in 1 dashboard. Create labels in bulk or piece by piece with a barcode scanner via the pick & pack page. The pick list is available digitally or on paper. Create stock locations to calculate the best walking route through your warehouse. Smart shipping rules based on sales channels, order size, weight and many more order properties.

  • Fulfillment network
  • Fulfillment chat
  • Trusted fulfill. centers
  • Phone / chat support
  • Inventory alerts
  • Employee accounts

Fulfillment netwerk

Take advantage of the ChannelDocks fulfillment network. Easily create fulfillment requests to get the best fulfillment price. Live chat with multiple fulfillment centers while staying in control of your complete order process.

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