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Order Management

for all your webshops and marketplaces.

Automate your order processing, avoid pick & pack errors and save more time. Link your barcode scanner and print shipping labels in bulk. Set up your own shipping process in the most efficient way with ChannelDock.

Seamless multi-channel order management

Process your orders with ChannelDock's pick & pack functionality. Select the orders for which you want to print a pick list. These orders are now assigned to your account, preventing a colleague from processing the same order. 

After you have collected all products from the pick list, you can scan the barcode(s) on the pick list and the corresponding order will open automatically. To see the possible shipping methods scan the EAN or SKU of products within the order. Select the desired shipping method and the shipping label will be generated automatically. 

Create walkways through your warehouse

By storing your warehouse in ChannelDock, you can create the most efficient walking routes through your warehouse in no time! Assign orders to yourself and prevent a colleague from processing your orders. 

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Smart shipping rules always ensure the right shipping label

Shipping rules help you automate your order processing. With these rules, you determine which shipping label should be assigned for each order. While creating a shipping rule, you can choose from the following order conditions: sales channel, EAN, number of order items, destination country, weight, product reference and SKU.

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It's simple:

Work smarter with ChannelDock

Automatically monitor and synchronize your inventory across all your sales channels. Link your channels and choose which channel to synchronize per product. 

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Processing returns

Processing returns correctly is essential for a good sales reputation on bol.com. Use ChannelDock's returns page if you want to keep track of all your returns. Handle a return by opening it and determining per product whether you accept the return or not. 

After accepting a return, you can press one button to put the return back in stock. The product will immediately become saleable again on your sales channels. Tip: check out all our inventory management functionality if you want to save time and errors.

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