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Product Information Management

for all your marketplaces.

Create product listings for all your marketplaces from 1 central dashboard. No need to map your product categories and attributes manually like other integrator systems; ChannelDock AI maps and translates it automatically for you!

product inventory management system

A new product listing live in seconds.

With ChannelDock, creating product listings for all your marketplaces from a single central dashboard has never been easier. Forget the tedious manual mapping of product categories and attributes that other integrator systems require—our intelligent AI does the heavy lifting, automatically mapping and translating for you. This means more time for you to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

PIM system e-commerce

No external source system needed.

Fetch your existing product content from your existing listings or upload all your product content to ChannelDock. With our intuitive platform, you can easily consolidate and manage your product information without the need for any additional systems. This simplifies your operations, reduces setup time, and ensures that your product listings across all marketplaces are always up-to-date and synchronized.

It's simple:

Work smarter with ChannelDock

Automatically monitor and synchronize your inventory across all your sales channels. Link your channels and choose which channel to synchronize per product. 

pim ai mapping categories attributes product

Have AI map your product categories and attributes.

Let AI handle mapping your product categories and attributes with ChannelDock, making your online listings management smooth and efficient. Say goodbye to the manual hassle of sorting products on different marketplaces. Our AI ensures your items are perfectly categorized and featured, boosting visibility and buyer interest. Dive into a new era of e-commerce with ChannelDock, where innovation enhances every sale.

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