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1. Connect your sales channels

Connect all your sales channels with ChannelDock. Enter the API of your webshop (Shopify / WooCommerce) and marketplace (Amazon / to retrieve your products and orders. Our team is constantly adding new sales channels to ChannelDock, let us know if you miss one!

2. Bulk update your inventory levels

Update your stock levels per product, or do it in bulk via excel. ChannelDock will maintain this stock level in the next step to synchronize to your connected sales channels.

3. Synchronize products across multiple channels

Select per product which channels should be synchronized. ChannelDock will now do the rest.

4. Fulfill orders from multiple channels in ChannelDock 

Connect your carrier account in ChannelDock and easily generate your shipping labels with a single click. Multi channel order fulfillment is easier than before with ChannelDock. Fulfill your orders more efficient and start saving time today!

It's simpel:

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