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Manage multiple Shopify webshops with ChannelDock

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It is by no means unthinkable for an e-commerce entrepreneur to have several Shopify or WooCommerce webshops. Which makes webshop management very difficult at the same time, especially if you can't manage your webshop management from one central location. It is a time-consuming, inefficient job to log in and out of your various accounts every time. Every seller gets tired of this at some point. Especially when you manage more than 3 Shopify webshops. 

Despite the fact that many users have indicated for years that this needs to be improved, improvements have still not been implemented. So it is then high time to take matters into your own hands. Then it is of course nice to know that there is fulfilment software and warehouse software that will make your life a lot easier. 

How do you manage Shopify webshops in an optimal way? 

Shopify allows you to create multiple webshops with one email address. So this means at least you don't have to remember your e-mail for each webshop. On the other hand, there is still the problem of passwords. Of course, this is different for each webshop at the moment when you value some form of security. You obviously don't want to be in daily contact with shopify support to restore your account.

At that point, you are stuck with different passwords for different Shopify shops. These are not easy to recall off the top of your head. You need to store them in a secure location. Then you still have the problem that you have to log in for each shop to check data and make adjustments. 

All-in-one warehouse and fulfilment software as a solution
Today, it is possible to opt for an all-in-one warehouse software. This involves fulfilment software that lets you arrange everything in one location. Think of things like: 

  • Stock synchronisation: Automatic stock synchronisation is perhaps the biggest advantage of the right software. Thanks to ChannelDock, it is in fact possible to synchronise in one location all stocks of the various Shopify and WooCommerce webshops, and more than 100+ marketplaces such as bol.com, Amazon, Kaufland, Blokker and more easily via the API. Even when you work with other sales channels in the process, such as Bol.com or Amazon. Instead of manually keeping track of and adjusting stocks per webshop, this is done fully automatically within one fulfilment software programme. A highly efficient solution to a well-known problem. 
  • Order processing: ChannelDock also offers very clear order processing. Indeed, since all your Shopify webshops are connected to this software, new orders come in immediately. You then choose to process them manually or use settings that make this happen automatically. Basically, you don't even need to be on top of it anymore. Order processing is almost entirely automatic in an optimal way, so with ChannelDock's web shop software you can easily: create packing slips, print labels, create return labels and much more.
  • View sales statistics: Furthermore, every Shopify webshop seller is naturally very curious about sales statistics. You like to keep track of what and how much has been sold. What could be more convenient than an online shop software where you have a central dashboard on which all these statistics can be viewed? From the individual sales figures per product to the total sales you have made within a given period. With ChannelDock, you never again have to log in to all your Shopify webshop accounts separately to receive the right information about this. 
  • Supplier orders: Finally, it is obviously necessary to place repeat orders with your supplier regularly. The last thing you want is to make sales while there is no stock left (backorder). To anticipate this well in advance, ChannelDock pays attention to this. For example, the software automatically places orders when stock is running low. Moreover, you have easy insight into the status of orders. The entire logistics process around this part of a Shopify webshop is fully optimised. 
So save yourself a lot of time and effort when you have multiple Shopify webshops and choose ChannelDock. You will soon notice that everything is a whole lot faster, clearer and easier to understand. You will avoid a lot of problems and streamline the entire sales process involved in managing one or more Shopify accounts. 

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