Stock level synchronization
between your webshop and marketplace.

Customer questions due to inaccurate inventory levels are annoying and time-consuming. Automate your inventory management with ChannelDock; you'll make not only yourself but also your customers happy.

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Inventory management for all your sales channels

Prevent bad reviews by automatically synchronizing your inventory between your webshop(s) and marketplaces. When importing a new order, ChannelDock immediately synchronizes the new stock level to your connected sales channels. This means you always have a correct stock level without having to do anything. After starting stock synchronization, ChannelDock becomes the central point where you adjust your stock levels.

Product bundles with correct inventory levels

Do you sell product bundles consisting of several individual products?  ChannelDock automatically calculates the stock level of the product bundle based on the stock level of the underlying individual products. This way you always have a correct stock level and your product remains online. This is particularly important on marketplaces such as or Amazon. 

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Register purchase orders

Production and transportation of new inventory can sometimes take several weeks. If you have multiple suppliers, it is difficult to keep a good overview of which deliveries are on their way, arrived and cleared. ChannelDock helps you keep an overview! 

Create new suppliers and link them to purchase orders. In your product overview, you can see not only your current stock, but also what is in transit.

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It's simple:

Work smarter with ChannelDock

Automatically monitor and synchronize your inventory across all your sales channels. Link your channels and choose which channel to synchronize per product. 

automated stock alerts

Smart stock level alerts

Forgot to order new stock on time? It happens to every vendor; running out of stock when sales are just starting to pick up. With ChannelDock's inventory alerts, you'll never again forget to place a purchase order with your supplier on time.

With smart alerts, ChannelDock takes into account your current stock levels, delivery time and sales. 

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