Compare fulfillment centers and get the best fulfillment prices for your products.

Make use of ChannelDock's fulfillment network. Using ChannelDock you can easily create fulfillment requests at various fulfillment centers.

  • Always the best price for the fulfillment of your products
  • Keep track of your shipments from within ChannelDock
  • Connect fulfillment centers at product level
Connect multiple fulfillment centers

Same day delivery producten bij het ene fulfilment center, next day delivery producten bij het andere fulfilment center; de beste prijs voor elke situatie.

Take control of your inventory and orders

Hou grip op je fulfilment voorraad via ChannelDock. Bekijk de status van elke bestelling en schiet zelf nieuwe orders in voor je fulfilment center(s).

Synchronize your stock  with ChannelDock

ChannelDock synchroniseert je voorraad tussen je verkoopkanalen en kan automatisch over schakelen naar een ander fulfilment center.

Easily request customized fulfillment prices from various fulfillment centers.

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Each fulfillment center has its own specialization. Some fulfillment centers offer competitive rates for same day delivery, other fulfillment centers have low storage costs and are therefore cheaper if you sell large products. You can send multiple requests to different fulfillment centers via ChannelDock. This ensures you of the best fulfillment price!

Determine per product and per country to which fulfillment center your orders will be forwarded.

fulfillment request price

As a seller you are fully in control of your order flow. You determine per product and per country to which fulfillment center your order should be forwarded. Do you want to take back control of the shipping of your product? Then this can be arranged with the push of a button!

Try it yourself, book a demo.

Replenish your stock at your fulfillment center.

replenish stock fulfillment center

With ChannelDock you can easily replenish your stock at your fulfillment center(s). This allows you to keep an overview of all shipments that are in transit from your supplier or from your own warehouse. Print and paste the QR code on your shipment. By doing this, your fulfillment center recognizes that this shipment comes from you.

Do you want to continue shipping some of your products yourself?

create shipping label software

In addition to outsourcing your fulfillment, you can of course also use ChannelDock to process your orders yourself. Many sellers have the fast selling part of their assortiment send through one or more fulfillment centers, while continuing to ship products that are less popular themselves. You can create shipping labels in ChannelDock by processing your orders in bulk or via our Pick & Pack page by connecting your barcode scanner.