Update inventory level in bulk.

adjust stock levels in bulk inventory management

Save time; adjust your stock level in bulk

New incoming supply? ChannelDock has several features to update your stock (in bulk). After adjusting the stock level, your product quantity is updated in real time on your linked sales channels.

stock level webshop excel export import

Adjust stock level via Excel

Do you find it more convenient to update your stock via Excel? You can with ChannelDock! Export your products via an .XLS file. You can now edit different fields per product, including:

  • Stock level
  • Title
  • Reference
  • SKU
  • Weight
  • Lenght, height & width
  • Shipment method preference 
  • Sold per day

Then save the file and import it into ChannelDock. Your changes will be processed in our system and your stock level will be adjusted on your webshop(s) / marketplaces.