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Finding a simple order management system. 

order management systeem

The software you use to run your e-commerce business largely determines your efficiency and results. Complex software leads to complex business processes. So is an easy-to-use order management system better? What functionality do you, as a seller, need or not need and how do you make the right choice?

Over the years, the scale of your e-commerce business changes and the processes usually become increasingly complex. Simplifying your business processes is beneficial and cost-reducing. A distinction can also be made here between simplifying your customer experience and your business processes such as daily order processing via Fulfilment software.

Simplify your customer experience

The best-performing e-commerce websites are simple. That's because they have removed all the unnecessary stuff that gets in the way of a sale. Whether you are an experienced web designer or run your own webshop, we have a handy tip to keep it simple.

For this example, we'll assume you have your own webshop but the same principles apply to selling on marketplaces like bol.com and Amazon.

Your website should have one clear goal: to sell. This sales process consists of several elements that all need to work optimally. So when designing and building your webshop, you need to make the right consideration for each element; how can this element contribute optimally to the main goal of the website? Many e-commerce sellers make wrong considerations during this decision-making process that ultimately lead to a lower conversion.

Any element that does not point towards the main goal of the webshop should be removed. This way, you are only left with elements that contribute to achieving your goal: making as many sales as possible. This way, you create simplicity in your customer experience.

It is easy to get lost in the plethora of plug-ins while building your webshop. Shopify and WooCommerce, for example, have extensive stores with many thousands of plug-ins. Before installing a plug-in, you should ask yourself how and to what extent it contributes to achieving the main goal of your webshop. There is also a difference between plug-ins that you install on your web server and plug-ins that are separate and only communicate with your web server (via API calls). The former makes your webshop slower, while a stand-alone plug-in (such as ChannelDock) does not affect the speed of your webshop.

ChannelDock, simple order management software

It's nice to turn more sales by simplifying your customer experience, but in addition, it's even nicer if you can also process these orders in a streamlined way. A good fulfilment software solution for your order management is crucial here. That's where ChannelDock comes in.

ChannelDock offers a powerful set of tools to synchronise your stock (warehouse software) and process your orders. Despite its extensive functionality, it is clear and easy to use from your web browser.
In ChannelDock, all your order flows come together. Whether you are on bol.com, Kaufland and/or have multiple webshops, you process all your orders within ChannelDock's online portal. When creating shipping labels, the track & trace code is automatically synchronised back to your sales channel.
If you sell the same item on multiple sales channels, for example your Shopify webshop and on bol.com, you naturally want the stock level to be synchronised on both channels. For a marketplace like bol.com, this is of great importance because your product listing drops in ranking when out of stock. ChannelDock synchronises stock immediately when an order comes in. So you save time and enjoy correct stock levels without having to do anything!
An overview of all functionality can be found on this page: ChannelDock solutions

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