Become a fulfillment partner of ChannelDock

By becoming a ChannelDock partner, you will receive fulfillment requests from e-commerce sellers who are looking for a logistics partner. You can handle the requests and orders within the special fulfillment account of ChannelDock.

  • Receive fulfillment requests
  • ChannelDock fulfillment account
  • Competitive order rates
  • Branded customer portal

Receive fulfillment requests

Get exposure to merchants looking for a fulfillment party. Keep focus on fulfillment instead of acquiring new customers.

ChannelDock fulfillment account

Process orders via ChannelDock WMS. Or connect your own WMS via the ChannelDock fulfillment API.

Own customer portal with company logo

Custom branded client portal with your own logo.

global fulfillment network

Gain access to our global network of e-commerce merchants

ChannelDock's mission is to revolutionize the logistics industry by building a strong fulfillment network and we want you to be a part of it. By joining our network, you gain access to a large community of global e-commerce merchants. Your fulfillment center is directly connected to all marketplaces and web shop providers.

product based fulfillment requests

Product based fulfillment requests

ChannelDock allows you to accept fulfillment requests from sellers at the product level. This means you can see the number of orders per day for each product and decide what fulfillment price to offer the seller.

channeldock fulfillment wms

Process orders using your ChannelDock fulfillment account or connect your own WMS

The orders from your customers (sellers) are collected in your ChannelDock fulfillment account. Here you have the option to handle them in bulk or piece by piece using the Pick & Pack page. The orders can also be read via the ChannelDock API, which gives the option to connect your own WMS. This means you only have to maintain one API connection. ChannelDock connects new sales channels every month that become immediately available to your customers.

Try it yourself, book a demo.

create fulfillment account

Branded login for your customers

Your customers can create a seller account with a special sign-up link where they see your logo. This account is directly linked to your fulfillment account. Customers connect their own sales channels. The products are automatically fetched and the seller can link the desired products to your fulfillment account.

replenishment stock e-commerce

Manage replenishments from your customers

Customers regularly replenish stock. In ChannelDock they can create a replenishment and indicate various properties:

  • Number of products
  • Expected delivery date
  • Reference
  • Upload attachments
  • Notes

Scan the QR code that the seller has printed and pasted on the shipment. The corresponding replenishment opens automatically. As a fulfillment center you have an overview of all incoming replenishments and you can add it to a stock location with the push of a button.

fulfilment center customer chat

Chat with your (potential) customers.

You can chat with all your customers via your fulfillment account. By using different communication channels (such as e-mail, WhatsApp, etc) you can easily lose the overview. By doing your customer communication via ChannelDock you avoid misunderstandings and you save a lot of time. 

Fulfilment account prices. A complete WMS, including customer portal, without start-up costs.

ChannelDock does not charge any start-up costs. Please book a demo using the button below to receive our current prices for a fulfillment center account.