Stock levels

from your WMS to any sales channel.

Stock synchronization is a crucial part of the fulfillment process. Almost every vendor today sells on multiple sales channels. Through ChannelDock, all inventory levels are updated in real time across all sales channels.

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Up-to-date inventory levels on every sales channel

Many warehouse management systems do not have inventory synchronization while your customer, the vendor, expects his/her inventory to stay automatically synchronized. By linking your WMS to ChannelDock (or using ChannelDock WMS), your customers' inventory levels are always current on every sales channel.


ChannelDock helps you keep track of inbound goods. Sellers can create new "Deliveries" (purchase orders) themselves in their seller account. You as fulfillment center can immediately see when the shipment arrives and what products it contains. You also have the option to download attachments and see comments from the seller.

After accepting the purchase order, the stock comes online immediately through ChannelDock's stock synchronization.

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